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If you are an actor, a business person with a web presence, or simply promoting yourself on social media, you need a professional headshot. A good headshot needs to accomplish two things; it must actually look like you, and it should communicate something to the viewer. It’s not enough to just have a pretty picture.


In particular, casting people want to be given a photo that represents the person standing in front of them, not an airbrushed magazine cover. So, I keep my editing natural. I firmly believe actors should spend their money on acting classes, not photos, so I keep my rates reasonable, which I can do because I don’t offer comprehensive photo services. No weddings, no sporting events…just a terrific image of you.


When possible, I shoot outside, because the light is beautiful, and there is good energy in being outdoors. I also maintain a home studio, or I am available to come to your location.


I’ve spent my life as an actor, on Broadway, in films and on TV. When I wasn’t onstage, I was usually behind a camera, and have always loved the process of capturing the look and spirit of my subjects, whether in a headshot, in a landscape, or in the capture of an art model.


I love photographing faces the most. There is so much to be seen.



John Leslie Wolfe

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